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Shelf Cabinet Open Side

Product #:  12
Price:  $147.99


Shelf cabinets can be used free standing or are perfect for stacking with our lockable drawer units. Cabinets feature an open side and can be combined for side-by-side use holding items up to 35" long. Optional end panel can be added to close off side when required. Shelf cabinets include adjustable shelf that can be removed if required and optional foam liner kits can be added for extra protection and to reduce vibrations. Wheel well cover cabinets are designed with an open back and bottom and serve as an enclosure for rear wheel wells. Cover cabinets provide a solid surface to stack modular drawers, cabinets and bins. Cabinets come with locking recessed tee-handles for secure storage and receive a durable gray powder coat finish.

Measures 18"W x 22"H x 12"L