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Cable / Telephone / Alarm

Technicians: Let's Get Organized

If you're a cable, telephone, or alarm technician, we have the equipment and packages you need to get the job done. We understand what it takes to properly upfit a tech's work vehicle, and make your office-on-wheels as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Specialty Equipment for Techs

Increase efficiency and productivity with our exclusive items for the cable, telephone, and alarm industries.

Keep Your Cable Under Control:   Our cable spool racks and caddies combine secure storage with easy handling of cable spools.

A Perfect Fit:   Everything is designed for efficiency and seamless integration into your vehicle’s interior design.

Security Partition

Multiple Benefits:

  • Deter theft
  • Provide protection from shifting cargo
  • Climatize the work area of your vehicle.

Multiple Choices:    Choose what’s best for you.

Our partitions are available in:

  • Solid
  • Walk-through
  • Clear window versions


Make your work vehicle safe, productive, and comfortable with our accessories.

What do you need? Whether you require on-board power, interior or exterior lighting, or just a hook or tray to keep something handy, we've got you covered.

Modular Equipment

Use modular equipment to create a custom work space just for you!

What do you want? Modular drawer units, cabinets, shelving and bins allow an unlimited variety of arrangements to satisfy almost any requirements or preferences.

Paperwork and Reference Material Organizers

Just What You Need:   A variety of accessories to provide ready access to nearly every kind of reference material you carry.

Data Files Made for You:   Our popular data files feature a clipboard, Plexiglas® cover, and quick-release mounting system for easy access to engine housing.