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If you have questions about Commercial Van Interiors products, get an official answer from the Commercial Van Interiors staff.

First, review the Frequently Asked Questions list below. If your question or answer is not on this list submit it using the on-line form. A Commercial Van Interiors representative will contact you ASAP.

For more information contact your local Commercial Van Interiors. Thank you!

I'm in the process of buying a new vehicle. What do I do now?
What if there isn’t a Commercial Van Interiors location near me?
I am not comfortable making an online purchase. May I see the equipment before I buy it?
How much does a van or truck upfit cost?
How long will it take to upfit my van or truck?
Can I install equipment myself, or does Commercial Van Interiors have to do it?
How does Commercial Van Interiors install the equipment if I'm not nearby?