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Installation Difficulty Ratings

To assist you with installation, we've created a unique Degree of Difficulty Rating System for most products we offer online.

How to Use:   You will see a small icon on almost every item we sell with an image of a wrench and a number that corresponds to the level of skill needed to ensure a quality installation of the product.


Pay attention to the degree of difficulty for each product installation, as you purchase items from this website.

Rating System


LEVEL ZERO:   No assembly or installation required.


LEVEL ONE:   Easy to minor assembly; no installation required.


LEVEL TWO:   Minor assembly and minor installation; Installations typically bolt into existing shelving or equipment.

Note: May require drilling on equipment, but not into vehicle surfaces.


LEVEL THREE:   Moderate Difficulty - Moderate assembly and installation. Expect extensive instructions, and extensive installation to existing shelving or other existing equipment.

Note: No drilling through vehicle surfaces if attached to vehicle.


LEVEL FOUR:   Minor to moderate assembly. Installation requires technical expertise.

Note: Drilling and fastening to vehicle surfaces is required

Recommended: Guarantee your manufacturer’s warranty! Contact a local, certified professional technician to ensure warranted installations using OEM recommended fastening systems and methods.


LEVEL FIVE:   Moderate to extensive assembly; Extensive Installation that requires technical expertise.

Note: Required drilling through and fastening to vehicle surfaces, etc.

Highly Recommended: Contact a local, certified professional technician. Guarantee the manufacturer's warranty with a certified installation using OEM recommended fastening systems and methods.

One Last Word About Installations

Even for the most mechanically inclined, we recommend that all equipment installations be performed by a professional (and ideally certified) technician.

We are now offering our products via the web store, but we want to emphasize the importance of the proper installation of these products for the customers' overall safety and satisfaction. Many of our products are not well suited for DIY installations.

Many products require specialized tooling, training, and expertise to insure a clean, secure and safe installation. Our experience shows that installs by non-professionals often have a host of problems ranging from taking longer to install, to voided manufacturer's warranties, to potentially damaging the vehicle, to risking the most precious vehicle cargo - its passengers!

Interested in a professional installation? Contact us to make arrangements for a professional installation in your area.