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Our Installations are Fast, Clean, & Secure - Guaranteed!

We Always Recommend Professional Installations

Even the best products are only as good as the installation! That’s why Commercial Van Interiors emphasizes the importance of proper & professional installations of all our products. Using a certified installer will ensure product warranties – and most importantly, it ensures your overall satisfaction and safety!

If you can’t come to us and there is no certified installer in your area, we can still help through our drop ship & upfit program, an OEM factory ship through option, or even our Nationwide Mobile Installation Program where we come directly to you & install complete upfits at your facility.


If you are considering installing items yourself, please click here for more information and recommendations about installations.


Individual Items:   Many individual items can be installed immediately while you wait.

Complete Packages:   Generally, full packages are installed in a day, once scheduled.

Scheduling:   We make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Talk with your local Commercial Van Interiors representative in advance to ensure the fastest turnaround available.


Major Equipment & Packages:   Partitions, shelving & more complete packages should be installed by experienced, certified professionals who understand correct vehicle penetration and installation points to protect both you and your vehicle – and ensure a clean professional look throughout.

Bolt-On Accessories:   You can install many bolt-on accessories easily after the fact.

We Recommend:   We highly recommend professional installation of most products. Not only will it provide you peace of mind, Commercial Van Interiors’ installations will save you time and money and ensure your vehicle will work as hard as you do – day in and day out!


Manufacturer Recommendations:   Using state of the art methods, tools and fastening systems, our installations meet or exceed the manufacturer recommendations.

Safe & Secure:   Even the best equipment is only as good as the installation, and Commercial Van Interiors will make sure everything is installed safely and securely.


Our Guarantee to You:   When you choose to have your equipment installed by our manufacturer certified installation technicians, all equipment purchased from and installed by Commercial Van Interiors is guaranteed under equipment manufacturer warranties.

Adrian Steel’s Warranty:   Adrian Steel’s warranty is the best in the industry. Their warranty covers all products for three years or 36,000 miles. Shop Adrian Steel Products.