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Locksmiths: Everything is Designed around Your Needs

We understand that locksmiths have unique working conditions, goals, and needs for their businesses. That’s why our equipment and packages are designed specifically for locksmiths. We’ve adapted our equipment to meet your job requirements, increase your safety, and make you more effective.

Specialty Equipment for Locksmiths

Check out our exclusive items, made only for locksmiths.

RediBelt™:   These modules provide legroom when you need it, and can be tucked out of the way when you don't.

RediBase™:   Tired of the strain on your back when cutting keys in your vehicle? This sloped key machine platform makes key-cutting in your work truck or van much easier on you and your back.

Custom Workbench

Make our workbench work for you!

Made for You:   Each workbench is designed to fit the package you choose, as well as your personal preferences.

Slip-Free Design:   Our standard workbench features a ribbed rubber mat top, trimmed in clean aluminum.

Security Partition

Multiple Benefits:

  • Deter theft
  • Provide protection from shifting cargo
  • Climatize the work area of your vehicle.

Multiple Choices:    Choose what’s best for you.

Our partitions are available in:

  • Solid
  • Walk-through
  • Clear window versions

Paperwork and Reference Material Organizers

Just What You Need:   A variety of accessories to provide ready access to nearly every kind of reference material you carry.

Data Files Made for You:   Our popular data files feature a clipboard, Plexiglas® cover, and quick-release mounting system for easy access to engine housing.