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Our Customers

We serve customers of all sizes, whether you are an individual contractor needing one vehicle upfitted or a national contractor needing a few hundred vehicles upfitted.

Indiv. Contractor

Satisfying the individual contractor is, in many ways, the true test of our business.

Your van or truck is not just transportation to your next job. Many times it's also your office, warehouse, store, and sole means of visual advertisement.

Local Contractor

The local contractor generally has a small- to medium-sized fleet, which you often manage yourself.

This may also apply to inside managers who supervise facilities, warehouses, and scheduling.

Regional Fleet

The Regional Fleet is generally a medium-sized fleet and includes municipalities, utilities, regional phone, or cable companies, etc.

These vehicle upfits are consistent by the application or type of work the driver does in the field.

National Fleet

A National Fleet is a large fleet with offices and vehicles beyond the local and regional levels.

The National Fleet may need to upfit hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in a short time frame.