Commercial Van Interiors


When you come into our showroom to talk about a vehicle upfit, we want to hear about how you work every day and what you need to make your vehicle the most efficient, safest and best organized it can be. This collaborative experience helps us design the most perfect upfit for you.

After our Commercial Van Interiors team member gets a handle on your needs, they will take you through the showroom, where we display all the most frequently requested items and accessories, including shelves, drawers, bins, toolboxes and ladder racks. You can open doors, lock and unlock drawers and adjust shelves to determine which items are best for you. These displays give you a sense of how this equipment will fit in your van or truck to provide you convenient access to your tools and job materials.


With the aid of our PLAN-A-VAN tool, we can show you a 2D blueprint of what your completely upfitted vehicle will look like, as viewed from the top down. Or, in some locations, we can use our computer-based Configurator to display a digital, 3D version of your product choices in a virtual van on a large-screen monitor.

You will be able to see, touch, measure and manipulate the products and imagine them in your vehicle before we install them, so you can be assured you’ll have the ideal equipment to make your days run as smoothly and productively as possible!


Once you’ve decided on a basic or customized package, Commercial Van Interiors Design Consultants will take you to the Design Station, which is present in every Commercial Van Interiors showroom. There you will get to see a 2D or 3D view of how the items you are considering fit in the model vehicle you drive.